The Best Deadlift Variations to Shake Up Your Training

There’s more than one way to pick a weight up from the ground.

Deadlifts are conventional, functional and straightforward, but there’s more than one way to pick up weights from the floor: enter the best deadlift variations.

What is a deadlift?

A conventional deadlift requires you to pull a bar up from a dead stop position, working on a concentric contraction.

It is a compound exercise working on your full body.

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Best Deadlift Variations

Sumo deadlift

Easier for people with poor mobility, sumo deadlifts also allow you to pick up more weight than a conventional deadlift, as the distance this has to travel is reduced.

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Trap Bar Deadlift

This deadlift variation is a lot easier on the lower back than the conventional deadlift and it’s great for beginners trying to nail the perfect form.

Romanian Deadlift

Also known as the RDL, this exercise has incredible benefits for the posterior chain. As one of the best deadlift variations, the Romanian Deadlift focuses on the eccentric part of the exercise.

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Jefferson Deadlift

This variation might look funny but works as an incredibly powerful asymmetrical lift.

Rack Pull Deadlift

This exercise works the upper part of the conventional deadlift and so is incredibly useful for athletes that struggle to lock their hips out at the top of the exercise.

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Suitcase Deadlift

A very functional exercise, this deadlift variation can be hard to get right but has many benefits. Make sure you’re keeping vertical throughout and reduce the weight you’re trying to lift if you’re not.

Chain Deadlift

The chain deadlift helps build power by increasing the resistance of your deadlift. The weight you move throughout the exercise increases as you get closer to the top, training your explosive strength.

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Forward Banded Deadlifts

This is a very similar exercise to the deadlift variation above, except that the bands are placed in front of you, pulling you forward as you lift the bar.

This can increase your bar control.

Pinch Grip Deadlifts

An excellent exercise to develop grip strength, this deadlift variation is a classic. It is also a great exercise to develop upper back strength.

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