8 of The Most Epic CrossFit Games Workouts of All Time

As the Navy Seal saying goes: “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.”

Epic CrossFit Games Workouts – The Burden Run in 2013

For time:
run 2.1 miles
flip the pig 100 yards (222/140kg)
600 yard Log carry (45kg)
drag the iditarod 66 yards (140kg)
Time Cap: 40 minutes



Jason Khalipa and Kaleena Ladeairous were the toughest facing a 2.1-mile run, pig flp, log carry and iditarod pull. The equipment used was later labelled as “the tool of destruction”.

Pig was a tire-flip twin, but trickier to move around and weighting 222/140 kilos. Log, an awkward-carrying tree trunk, accompanied the 600-yard run (or walk) and the Iditarod was a 140-kilo sled athletes had to pull across the soccer stadium.

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