8 of The Most Epic CrossFit Games Workouts of All Time

As the Navy Seal saying goes: “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.”

Epic CrossFit Games Workouts – 2014 Sprint sled

Sled push for time (100 / 60 yards)
Time cap: 2 minutes

What looked like a random sled push was actually a quad burner for most of the athletes. Even Froning was shaking his head afterwards, not really knowing what had just happened. The F1-racing-inspired sprint sled push happened. As Rory Mckernan says at the beginning of the video above, this workout was two minutes of “pushing pain.”

Most athletes collapsed at the finish line after crossing a 100/60-yard long soccer filed twice. The event had two parts. Sprint sled 1 was won by Lauren Brooks, sprint 2 by Emily Abbott in women category. Neal Maddox won both sprints in men’s division.

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