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How Long Should You Diet To Get A Six-Pack?

It could be faster than you think.

Have you ever wondered how long should you diet to get a six-pack? The answer, of course, is different for each person, but for an overall idea, continue reading this.

A six-pack is coveted by men and women alike as it is the showmanship of great health and athleticism. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to get those beautiful abs, it takes a considerable amount of time, especially with what and how much you eat. So how long should you diet to get a six-pack? Jeremy Ethier has the answer.

Jeremy Ethier is a kinesiologist and fitness trainer, co-founder of Built With Science. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and he delivers clear information with sound background research.

First Jeremy Ethier calculates how long it takes for you to achieve a six-pack and then how to ensure that result in the coming weeks.

The good news is that you already have a six-pack. The problem, if you are reading this, is that it is not visible. Yet. So, how long should you diet to get a six-pack? Find out below.

How Long Should You Diet To Get A Six-Pack

Low Body Fat

The abs are more visible the lower your body fat percentage is – it is also different for men and women.

  • Men – 15% to become visible, 12% to see more definition of the abs
  • Women – 22% body fat, 20% to see more defined abs

So how long does it take to hit that magical number when you start seeing your abs? Take a pen and paper cause you will need to do some calculations. The calculation below can be used with pounds or kilograms, it does not really matter.

>The math you need to do to know how long should you diet to get a six-pack is: lean body weight divided by 1 minus desired body fat percentage.

The lean body weight is how much you would weigh if you had absolutely no fat in your body. You can do that with a precise smart scale at home, or by estimating how much body fat you have by comparing yourself with some of the pictures from Ethier’s video.

Then divide that percentage by 100 and multiply by your actual weight (either in kilograms or pounds). The result is roughly how much fat you currently have. Subtract that number from your actual weight and you will have the first number of the equation, the lean body weight.

After having the first number, choose which body fat percentage is your goal. For example, a man could choose 12% body fat as it is the threshold to begin seeing more defined abs. Take that number (12 in this case) and divide by 100. The result is your last number in the calculation, the desired body fat percentage.

How Long Should You Diet To Get A Six-Pack

Put all numbers in the calculation mentioned above and you will come up with a result. Use your actual body weight minus the result you just came up with, and that is the amount of fat you will need to lose to get to the desired body fat percentage and, ultimately, get that six-pack.

Okay, But For How Long?

Now you know how much fat you need to lose to see your abs, but there is still one major question not answered: how long should you diet to get a six-pack?

Well, there is a limit to how much fat you can lose in a day. If you lose more weight than that, you are actually losing muscle instead of fat, which is counterproductive when it comes to getting your six-pack.

>Therefore, the goal you need to set yourself is to lose an average of 0.7% rate of your body weight per week.

In Ethier’s example, Joe weighs 170 pounds and needs to lose 15 pounds of fat to get to 12% body fat. With the goal to lose 0.7% of his body weight per week, means he would have to lose 1.2 pounds of fat per week. In the end, to lose 15 pounds of fat, it would take Joe 12.5 weeks to achieve that in a healthy matter.

If you are a bit confused, make sure you watch Ethier’s video in its entirety.

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