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Helpful Tips On How to Build a V Shaped Back

Sometimes you don’t need to build a huge back to appear strong. The coveted V shape will create that illusion for you. Here are some tips on how to build a V shaped back.

And perhaps the best exercise to create that shape on your back muscles is the lat pulldown machine. At least according to Jeff Nippard.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. In one of his videos, he shared his tips, dos and don’ts on how to build a V shaped back.

This is not to say that lat pulldown is the answer on how to build a V shaped back and you should only do this exercise to help you achieve your goals. Nippard goes through the dos and don’ts of the exercise to maximise your muscular growth.

Did you know you probably should not hold the bar with a wide grip when pulling down the weights? That and some more tips you can see explained by Jeff on the video below on how to build a V shaped back.

How to Build a V Shaped Back

Why the Lat Pull Down?

Although pull-ups are incredibly helpful and one of the most complete back exercises out there, you can overload whenever possible while using the lat pulldown machine and you can focus on really feeling your lats working.

While doing pull-ups or chin-ups, most of the muscles in your back and triceps need to be with enough fuel to pull your body upwards.

The lat pulldown will work your shoulder adduction, extension, and elbow flexion. This will target your lats, teres major, teres minor, long head of the triceps, biceps and brachialis. All of this will help you achieve a V shaped back.

“Use more moderate weight somewhere in the 8 to 12 reps zone tends to be the sweet spot,” Jeff Nippard says.

Also, you should not use the wide grip or the narrow grip on the machine. The medium grip tends to be the best approach. “This option tends to provide the best combination of strength and biceps and lat activation.”

Jeff also talks about how to plant your feet when sitting on the machine, using a thumbless suicide grip to improve the mind-muscle connection with the lats and extend your upper back to get into a powerful and secure lifting position.

He also shared some common errors such as too much body English, not adducting enough, and using too much of the biceps. If you don’t want to focus on the lat pull down to build a strong back, check out these other exercises that will build muscle on your back.

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