How to Eat for A Six Pack (Year-Round)

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Learn how to eat for a six pack with these tips from Jeff at Athlean X.

How to Eat for A Six Pack

“When trying to eat for a six pack, people get far too hung up in the details and wind up getting frustrated.  If you want to get abs and keep them year round, you absolutely have to find a meal plan approach that you can actually stick to.  Think about it, how many diets have you followed to get abs only to not be able to stay on it…and lose your six pack soon after?  If you rely on carbohydrate restrictive eating plans, obsessive food measuring, macro overcomplication, etc you are just making your chances of getting ripped that much harder.”

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“In this video, I show you a simple eating technique that you can apply to any meal to ensure that you are on the right track.  You divide your plate and fill it with proteins, fibrous carbs and starchy carbs (in amounts explained) while never steering away from the all important high quality incidental fats.”

How to Eat for A Six Pack

“Start off by occupying half of your plate with protein.  You can choose whatever protein source you prefer the most whether it be chicken, steak, turkey, fish, lentils or any other vegetarian source if desired.  You then decide the remaining half based on your given physique goals.  If you are overtly overweight and need to start dropping a substantial amount of body fat, you definitely will want to not avoid carbs however you would choose mostly from fibrous sources.”

“There are so many options to choose from but my favourite are zucchini and onions, broccoli rabe, braised carrots, and grilled asparagus to name a few.”

“If you aren’t battling weight issues and instead are focused on building lean, ripped athletic muscle you would divide that remaining half with healthy sources of complex or starchy carbs.  Again, my favorite here are sweet potatoes, pasta, and brown rice to name a few.”

“The key to eating for a six pack (and keeping it) is choosing from foods that you actually like eating.  There is no faster way to giving up on your goal of getting a six pack than by forcing yourself to eat foods you hate.  Even worse, making your meal preparation a ten step process if likely to make you want to quit pretty quick as well.”

Video – How to Eat for A Six Pack

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