How to Reduce Chest Fat

It’s not all about exercising.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how heavy and often you are doing bench presses, your chest just doesn’t seem to pop up. Find out how to reduce chest fat and see a transformation in your upper body.

To discover more about your upper body and how to reduce chest fat, check out what Thomas DeLauer has to say.

Thomas DeLauer is a celebrity trainer and health author. His YouTube Channel has 3 million subscribers and he has been on the cover of numerous international magazines.

According to him, there are 8 ways how to reduce chest fat. “I’m talking nutritionally, I’m talking hormonally, and I’m going to be talking a little bit exercise base,” he says.

Check out the video below on how to reduce chest fat to understand every detail Thomas DeLauer explains. You can read the main talking points below the video.

How to Reduce Chest Fat

Chest Tissues

To understand how to reduce chest fat you need to understand gynecomastia (or gyno) and pseudogynecomastia (or pseudogyno). Those are tissues on your chest area.

Gyno is an overgrow of actual glandular tissue, a hormonal imbalance that causes glands around your chest region to enlarge and grow, developing breast tissue.

Pseudogyno is similar, except is the deposition of fat in that area. Some people are more genetically predisposed to chest fat than others.

Causes For Chest Fat

  • Too much estrogen
  • Too little testosterone
  • Combination of both

* this is applicable to both men and women.

How to Reduce Chest Fat

  • Eat more cruciferous vegetables

Thomas DeLauer tells people to eat more broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables. “I’m talking a cup a day at minimum.”

These vegetables allow our livers to process estrogen better.

how to reduce chest fat
  • Eat more soluble fibre

Chia seeds and flax can drawn in the water and move it out of our system. Soluble fibre allows estrogen to be reabsorbed through the colon. Studies show that women and men that consume more fibre have less estrogen reabsorption.

  • Release more of the sex hormone-binding globulin

Releasing more of the sex hormone-binding globulin will make the testosterone in your body available to be used, decreasing the amount of chest fat. You can do that by consuming more magnesium, consuming small amounts of boron (6-9 milligrams per day), consuming vitamin D (in natural resources if possible such as fish or eggs ).

  • Ingest more spirulina

This will help your liver get rid of the estrogen.

  • Proper carbohydrate refeeds

A low carb diet or keto diet is good to a certain point, but doing it constantly for a long period will teach your body how to adjust to this new reality and you will end up not losing fat as much as you once did at the beginning of your diet.

By increasing your carbohydrate intake temporarily, your body will go back to burning calories at normal speed. And this could be your answer to how to reduce chest fat, to have two or three carbohydrates refeed meals over the course of a few weeks.

But when you do have carbohydrate refeed, do not have fats in the same meal. Perhaps rice cakes, chickpea or lentil pasta with a lean sauce and no fat.

  • Do HIIT in a fasted state

“If you workout fasted, studies show that you can burn fat in the areas closest to the muscles that you are moving,” DeLauer says.

exercise myths debunkedSource: Gabin Vallet

His example is to do battle ropes while fasting so that the heat generating on your shoulder and chest will burn a bit extra fat in that area. You should also use a foam roller to move your body tissues and move the fat around so that it will be easier to target them while working out.

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