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The 6 Best Biceps Exercises for Mass

Don’t skip these if you want to grow your biceps.

If bigger arms are your goal, then you’ll want to try the 6 best biceps exercises for mass. These are not just random bicep exercises, but a combination that will target all areas where you might need help.

6 Best Biceps Exercises For Mass

1 – The Barbell Cheat Curl

The curl is the classic bicep exercise simply because it’s the best at growing your biceps. But there are curl variations that you can benefit from, and the barbell cheat curl is one of them.

This is one of the best biceps exercises for mass because it allows you to overload the eccentric portion of the movement, which is known stimulus for hypertrophy.

Just be careful about rounding your back; while you’re using momentum to bring the weight up, you should always keep a straight back.

2 – Chin Up

While this is a bodyweight exercise, you can add additional weight if you want to continue to overload the movement.

This bicep exercise is not only great for pulling, but it’s also excellent for focusing on the eccentric portion of the exercise during the descent, so pay special attention here to go down in a slow and controlled manner.

3 – Dumbbell Cross Body Curl

This bicep exercise will provide unique benefits, as the position of the dumbbell hits a slightly different section of your muscle (the bicep brachialis muscle).

Building up this muscle will widen your upper arms and contribute to their overall mass.

4 – Banded Dumbbell Curl

By doing a standard dumbbell curl you perform the exercise in the strict, traditional way, but a better bicep exercise for mass is the banded dumbbell curl.

The band applies a different strength curve, which means the curl is hard throughout the range of motion.

5 – Incline Dumbbell Curl

Because you want to apply tension to the muscle you want to build in all ranges of motion, adding exercises that tax it when it’s at its most elongated or shortened is important. That’s way the incline dumbbell curl, or incline stretch curl, is part of this list of best biceps exercises for mass.

Use lighter weights, pronate your forearms at the bottom of the curl, and consciously contract the triceps to enhance the stretch.

6 – Incline Waiter Curl

The incline waiter curl is a combination of a spider curl and a waiter curl and applies pressure to the bicep in the contracted position.

Watch a demo of these 6 best biceps exercises for mass

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