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TOP 10 WOD Songs

CrossFit and good music go together like bratwurst and sauerkraut, beer and bacon, or pretzels and mustard. 

All are fine on their own, but so much better when paired together. Nothing kills your pre workout buzz like the man-ballads of Creed, Nickelback or 3Doors Down.

wod songsSource: Unsplash

To help you push through your next workout, I’ve put together the top 10 WOD songs:

TOP 10 WOD Songs – by Beth Conlin

Song: Shipping off to Boston
Artist: Dropkick Murphys

Nothing makes you want to crush a chipper like this song!

Song: Sail
Artist: Awolnation

Because the beat just makes you want to lift!

Song: Radioactive
Artist: Imagine Dragons

We’ve all had that ‘Fire Breather Lung” that hurts to breath, this song is an ode to that feeling

Song: Bezerk
Artist: Eminem

We can all use an upbeat crazy rhyme to get us through a difficult WOD and this one does the trick

Song: Work Bitch
Artist: Britney Spears

The title says it all..

Song: My songs know what you did in the dark (Light Em Up)
Artist: Fall Out Boy

To remind us to kick it up a bit

Song: Last Resort
Artist: Papa Roach

The last resort is to just dig in and WORK!

Song: Break Stuff
Artist: Limp Biscuit

Let’s be honest, a good WOD makes you want to Break Stuff!

Song: Bangarang
Artist: Skrillex

Everyone can use an upbeat song to help them push through

Song: Flower
Artist: Moby

You may know this as “Sally” possibly the best, worst, song to squat to ever.

You don’t agree with the list. Then check out the CrossFit best songs (and playlists) according to the community.

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