8 Reasons Why Crossfit is Great Therapy

1 Hang Out with Motivated People

Crossfit Boxes are full of lovely, hard working, committed people that are interested in bettering themselves, eating well and achieving goals that they set themselves. We are all influenced by the company we keep, so these characteristics will rub off on you as well.

2 Crossfit Chases away the Blues

We all have bad days, we all feel down sometimes for unknown or mysterious reasons: that’s part and parcel of being human, but you can be sure that getting yourself into the Box for the Wod will leave you feeling a million times better than skipping the session and staying home.

As John Paul Satre said: ‘It is Impossible to feel depressed when you take action’. So just make sure that action leads you directly to the Box…I hear Fran calling.

Brooke-and-RichSource: CrossFit Inc

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