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Add Kettlebell Flow to Your Training and Level-Up Your Fitness

Kettlebell flow might be the extra element you need to incorporate into your training to see better and faster results.

3. Swinging Like It’s the 60’s – Kettlebell Flow

This kettlebell flow combines two swing variations and a squat: Russian swing, American swing, and Tater.

This is a good exercise to improve coordination, which is needed once you start doing more advanced flows.

Make sure each pattern returns the bell to the hips to generate the power for the next  

4. Total Body Banger

We up the difficulty a little bit in this flow as we throw in a kettlebell transition from the explosive deadlift to the clean before finishing with the thruster.

This is a much more taxing flow as it crosses multiple joints, a great finishing piece if the goal is to melt some calories.

5. Pullin’ and Pushin’

We move on to single-arm Kettlebell flows. The focus is to use the swing to transition between movements. You will do rows, high pulls, swing cleans and press in one movement.

This works as a great total body primer. If you don’t have much time for a proper warm-up, do this.

6. Punch it

A great flow for building that explosive punch to lockout in a snatch.

For this exercise, you will be performing a Viking snatch, which is a horizontal snatch punch, followed by a classic swing snatch to lockout over your head.

Make this explosive and recover as you control the bell down to change hands

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