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WATCH: CrossFit’s Lauren Fisher Smash The US Marine Combat Fitness Test

A trial of endurance and strength, the US Marine Combat Fitness Test is a semiannual test used to assess the day-to-day effectiveness and combat readiness of the Marine Corps.

Earlier this year, 6x CrossFit Games competitor Lauren Fisher took on this gauntlet of fitness alongside Navy veteran and YouTuber Austen Alexander to see how Marine-ready an elite CrossFit athlete really is.

What is the US Marine Combat Fitness Test?

Much like the US Navy Physical Readiness Test and Navy SEAL Screening Test, the US Marine Combat Fitness Test is supposed to hurt. It’s designed to measure fitness, to make sure recruits are in peak physical condition to handle the challenges of Marine life.

The test consists of:

  • 880m Run: 2 laps of the track.
  • Lift a 30-pound ammunition can overhead from shoulder height for max reps for 2 minutes.
  • Perform a maneuver-under-fire simulated event: a timed 300-yard shuttle run in which Marines are paired up by size and perform the following tasks: sprints, agility course, high crawl, low crawl, body drag, fireman carry, ammo can carry, push-ups and grenade throw.

Watch Lauren Fisher Destroy the US Marine Combat Fitness Test

CrossFit is designed for functional fitness; perfect for the kinds of challenges Marine recruits will face during active duty. So for an athlete as elite as Lauren Fisher, this fitness test shouldn’t be hugely different from a particularly grueling CrossFit workout.

Of course the test is no problem for Lauren and Austen. From the very start, Lauren completes the 880m run in 2:52 and Austen in 2:50.

During the ammunition can lift, Lauren needed to complete 75 reps in 2 minutes to have a passing score. She breezes through with 137; beating Austen’s 116.

Finally in the maneuver-under-fire, she goes ahead and lifts a grown man over her shoulder in a fireman carry. If that isn’t tough AF I don’t know what is. She completes the whole sequence in under two minutes, comparing it to the kind of workouts at the CrossFit Games.

Could you beat the US Marine Combat Fitness Test?

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