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Add Kettlebell Flow to Your Training and Level-Up Your Fitness

Kettlebell flow might be the extra element you need to incorporate into your training to see better and faster results.

7. 3D – Kettlebell Flow

This lower body flow is a slight change of pace. The kettlebell movement standard is less complex, but the difficulty lies in the transition between lunge positions.

Perform a kettlebell tater, transition to a forward lunge, a Cossack squat on each leg and another lunge on the opposite leg before repeating the flow.

If you want to get the legs fired up for a workout or toast them at the end of a session this one certainly has you covered.

8. Savage Style

We now take complexity to the extreme and see what the body is capable of. This kettlebell flow not only contains more complex movements but also forces you to focus on coordination, balance and power transfer.

This flow is great as part of an EMOM, go for 6-8 reps per minute for 6-8 Minutes and feel the fire.

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9. Just Flowing

This can be performed as a 15-minute AMRAP.

Once you are comfortable with transitioning between movements you can start to play around with tactical cleans and snatches.

Switching the bell from one side of the body to the other midway through the movement not only adds more complexity and coordination to the task but also helps with increasing the core stability needed to maintain good posture as you produce power through these patterns.

10. Raising the bar

Adding in plyometric push-ups and transitions of the kettlebell from the floor gives this flow some extra spice. We also have the added difficulty of producing the power for the snatch instantly from a dead position.

Another very challenging flow that can be used in a multitude of ways, but I love this type of flow as part of interval pieces since you can really focus on that raw intensity required to get the most out of the pattern.

To recap, the kettlebell flow is a very fluid concept: there are no rules, as long as you’re moving safe and well just enjoy the flow and feel the benefits that come with it.

If you want any help with how to add these into your workout programming check out one of my ebook programs The Graft 2.0.

Enjoy your flow

About Luke Downing

“NASM Certified Personal Trainer Minimal Kit specialist, Daddy to Luca & Roma Ray. As a father and business owner, I’m well aware that not everybody has hours each day to spend in the gym. I believe that you can do a lot without a lot, which is why I’m a lover of the single Kettlebell workout. I like to keep things as functional as possible, which means I do not waste time with unnecessary movement’s. Everything I do with my athletes has a purpose and a carryover to sports, activities and everyday life.”

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