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2012 Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe

Launched in 2012, the new Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting shoe has taken Adidas’s flagship model and transformed it into a nearly unrecognizable, futuristic version of its former self. Every aspect of the shoe has been rethought and redesigned in an effort to create the most advanced lifting shoe on the market.

The changes are bitter-sweet; on one hand the shoe does perform nicely, but we still miss the 2008 model’s wood heel and kangaroo leather upper. The former model also looked more refined, more detailed, more interesting. The 2012 AdiPower with its synthetic leather upper and TPU heel almost look “cheap”… but looks can be deceiving.

Adidas AdiPower 2012 EditionSource: Adidas
Adidas AdiPower 2012 Edition

Once worn, the shoe really begins to impress with outstanding overall performance. The light weight of the shoe paired with the extreme stability of the heel leave you feeling swift yet firmly planted. Additionally, the toebox is very flexible and the sole has some of the best grip I’ve ever felt on a weightlifting shoe.

Features for the 2012 Adidas AdiPower

The first thing most people notice about the new AdiPower is the retina searing reddish-orange color. Adidas calls this color “core energy” and for the first two years it was the only color available. Fast forward to Spring of 2014 and they have announced that the AdiPower will soon be available in white with gray heel and silver accents. There is also a black and red model rumored to be available Summer of 2014.

Looking at the shoe from the bottom will reveal two things. The sole is completely flat and the toe-box area looks a bit narrower than other models. While the 2008 model had a slight raised sole under the arch of the foot, the new AdiPower is completely flat. This results in more surface area on the platform and increased stability. Stability is also further increased by a slight extension of the TPU heel past the actual heel cup.

While the shoes run true to size, the forefoot area is slightly narrower than a standard D width shoe. This combined with the stiffer synthetic leather upper mean the shoe will require extra time to break-in for people with wider feet. For those of you with a narrow foot, this shoe will likely be the best fitting model on the market.

While still a set 0.75″ effective height, the heel is no longer fashioned from wood as Adidas has begun using the lighter TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Besides the “cool factor” of having a wooden heel, the TPU version offers the same support with less weight. Another added benefit is that Adidas was able to add vent ports through the heel cup into the heel which results in better heat dispersion inside the shoe.

Adidas AdiPower HeelSource: Adidas
Heel and sole of the Adidas AdiPower 2012 Edition

The upper is now constructed of an interesting synthetic leather. The feel of this material is almost waxy on the exterior but it does a great job, along with the 1-inch wide strap, of providing lateral support for the foot. The material is also likely lighter than leather, helping to shave a few more grams off the total weight.

The strap is fully synthetic now, plastic actually, but feels very secure. When strapped down it is the perfect length, not dragging the floor like other models we’ve tested. Its position on the foot is agreeable although a bit of a nuisance when trying to tie the shoe.

The interior of the shoe is another place Adidas has spent considerable effort in improving. For starters, the tongue of the shoe has been redesigned into a “sock liner” which is held in place by elastic straps on both sides. The underside of the tongue is also made of a textured neoprene material. The end result is a tongue that not only stays in place but grips your foot nicely.

Adidas AdiPower all round view Source: Adidas
All round view of the Adidas AdiPower

Another major change comes in the fit of the shoe. Previous Adidas models were notorious for their lack of arch support. They’ve addressed this issue with their “mid foot torsion system” which is a slight arch support coupled with a slight heel cup. It isn’t drastic, but does provide a noticeable support at the mid-foot.

Adidas has been making shoes for the sport of Olympic lifting longer than any other manufacturer. Over the years they have tweaked and refined their design based on real-world experience. It only makes sense that their product should provide exceptional performance – which is exactly what you get out of the new AdiPower.

Despite carrying the highest price tag of any other shoe, and its questionable styling notes, the 2012 AdiPower is one of the TOP choices in footwear for the Oly lifter.

Where to Buy the Adidas AdiPower

U.S. customers can click here to buy the AdiPowers from the Adidas Store. I recommend buying directly from Adidas because they include a free return shipping label with the shoes. The label includes a “reason for return” and asks if you’dlike to exchange them for a different size or color. This way if they do not fit, you can return or exchange them very easily without even needing to contact anyone.


  • Heel Height: 0.75″ (1.9cm)
  • Weight: 459g
  • Cost: 174,95 EUR (for the newest 2016 edition)
  • Recommended: Yes

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