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Editor @ BOXROX. When I'm not writing about CrossFit you can find me skating with my local Roller Derby league or cycling around Berlin. (She/her)


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The floorplans for the 2021 Team Quarterfinals are out!

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Take Your Lifts to the Next Level With These Explosive Split Jerk Workouts

Techniques & workouts to master your split jerk lifts.

On Injury: Practical Tips to Heal Your Mind

When injuries happen, we tend to focus on the physical aspects of healing, but forget about our mental health. Here are some ways you can help take care of your mind while you also heal your body.

Weathering the Storm: How CrossFit Benefitted From the Pandemic

Looking back over the past year, we can glean a good amount of positives which have helped shape the future of CrossFit for the better.

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