This is the Best Upper Body Workout

Want to skip leg day, or build a bigger back and tone your shoulders muscles. Whatever reason you want to build upper strength, we got you the ultimate workout for it.

Are you looking for the best upper body workout possible? BOXROX has looked through dozens of CrossFit workouts available online and have come up with what could possible be the ultimate workout for athletes looking to strengthen their bodies. If you cannot make it to a gym, do not worry, as we have also included the best upper body workout with minimum equipment (dumbbells needed) and one workout that requires no equipment.

CrossFit workouts usually rely heavily on some form of lower body workout or at least some form of cardio workout that fires up your leg muscles. It wasn’t easy, but we found what we believe to be the best upper body workout possible that will give your legs a bit of a rest.

Best Upper Body workout

Now why would you want to skip leg day and focus only on strengthening your upper body? Perhaps your legs are dead and gone from your last WOD. Or maybe you believe to have already great lower body muscle and would like to counter balance that. Or even, you are preparing to go hiking for a weekend and cannot afford to workout your legs prior to the trip, but still want to work out. We are not here to judge you, and you don’t need to justify anything. You do what you want.

Note: CrossFit is about functional fitness and neglecting to work your lower body is not advisable on the long run. Always maintain a healthy balance between workouts, never neglecting one or another particular part of your body.

With that in mind, let’s dig deep into why you should work on your upper body and the benefits, and finally discuss and reveal the best upper body workout available.

Why Focus On Your Upper Body

If your friends try to talk you out of doing a workout that focuses solely on your upper body strength, here are some arguments you can throw back at them.

Working out your shoulders, arms, back and chest will help you become a better athlete in any possible area, even if you are an avid runner. Swinging your arms back and forth while running allows your lower body to do less work, hence you can run further. A strong upper body also keeps you upright, counterbalancing your legs and helping your body to transfer power from one side to the other while on the run. A strong back also protects your spine, which is essential for minimizing injury from the impact of running.

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Trying out the best upper body workout here will also help you achieve the aesthetics you want, which can also turn into a psychological benefit. For men, achieving the triangle shape, consider by many a desirable look, is a sign of a healthy body and also affects positively how you feel. For women, a strong upper body results in a thinner waistline, which in turns creates the hourglass look.

A strong upper body also helps you achieve your PRs (personal record) in many lifting exercises. A strong chest is needed to bench press, and a strong back is invaluable for that desired deadlift PR, for example.

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