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7 Punishing Deadlift Workouts for Crossfitters

The Deadlift is a vital compound strength exercise that targets the whole body. It should be a regular in your strength training, but here are 7 ways to mix the lift into your WODs as well.

There are many versions of the deadlift out there. For example:

  1. Normal Deadlift
  2. Romanian Deadlift
  3. Sumo Deadlift
  4. Deadstop Deadlift
  5. Dumbbell Deadlift
  6. Kettlebell Deadlift
  7. Single Leg Deadlifts
  8. Deficit Deadlift
  9. Banded Deadlift
  10. Deadlift from rack

For many athletes the deadlift is the exercise in which they can lift the most weight.

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Technique Tip: Never round your back as this can lead to serious injury.

Here is an excellent video tutorial from Ben Bergeron to help you perfect your technique

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid

1.Cpl Donald M. Marler

A benchmark Hero Chipper in honor of an American soldier. It is similar to the benchmark workout Filthy Fifty.

Chipper means you just through the list. You must finish the reps amount for each exercise before moving to the next one.

For time

  • 66 Deadlifts 110 lb
  • 66 Box jumps
  • 66 Kettlebell swings 1.5 pood
  • 66 Knees to elbows
  • 66 Sit ups
  • 66 Pull ups
  • 66 Thrusters 55lb
  • 66 Wallballs shots 20 lb
  • 66 Burpees
  • 66 Double unders

2. Cpl Nathan B. Carse

Another Hero but quintuplet, meaning a five element workout. You must go through each of the five movements 21 time the first round, next round only 18 and so forth.

For time


  • Squat clean 95 lb
  • Double under
  • Deadlift 185 lb
  • Box jump
  • Begin each round with 50 m bear crawl

3. Diane

We have Heroes and Girls. Diane is one of the fun one. It is laid out like the Nathan B. Carse, but only a couplet, meaning 2 elements. 21-15-9 is a popular set up in CrossFit


  • Deadlift 225 lbs
  • Handstandpush up

4. E.M.O.M 

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.

The best thing about E.M.O.M.´s is that you often get a lot of rest between sets so it is easier to increase the weight. In this emom you must do all 6 reps within the minute.

  • 2 Deadlift (155/115lb)
  • 2 Hang power clean
  • 2 Push press

5. Mix and Match

Try to finish each round with a good pace, because you get a whole minute to catch your breath after the thrusters.

6 rounds

  • 6 Deadlift (135#/95#)
  • 6 Bent row
  • 6 Hang power clean
  • 6 Thruster
  • Rest 1 minute

DEFICIT Romanian DEADLIFT. – One of my favorite accessory exercises for the “lumbar spine-glutes-hamstrings” muscle group chain. I always try to focus on 2 important points: •  bend your knees not more than 20º in the bottom position; •  arch your back and don't let it round during your performance. Especially in the preparatory phase, I try to perform this exercise in the «deficit mode» in order to increase the amplitude of movement and have a  more intensive stretching of the muscles in order to strengthen and work them out. But if you note that in a certain momеnt of ​​motion, your back rounds and there is no possibility of keeping it straight – use racks, blocks or simply reduce the amplitude of motion. A small secret for those who have such a problem – control the position of the head, always direct your sight slightly above the neutral position of the head relative to the trunk, and it’’ll help. Find more information about the number of sets, reps, working weight and which part of the workout would be the best to perform this exercise in LEG STRENGTH training program. ——— LINK IN BIO ——— Одно из моих любимых вспомогательных упражений для цепочки мышечных групп поясница-ягодица-задняя поверхность бедра. Всегда стараюсь акцентировать внимание на 2 важных момента: * – сгибать колени не более чем на 20º в нижней позиции; * – ужерживать поясницу прогнутой и недопускать ее округдения на всем пути выполнения упражнения. Особенно в подготовительном этапе я стараюсь выполнять это упражнения in deficit mode для увеличения амплитуды движения и более интенсивного растяжения мышц с целью их укрепления и проработки. Но если вы отмечаете, что на определенном участке движения спина округляется и держать ее ровно нет возможности – используйте стойки, плинты или просто сократите амплитуду движения. Маленький секрет для тех у кого есть такая проблема – контролируйте положение головы – всегда направляйте взгляд немного выше нейтрального положения головы относительно туловища – и это поможет. По количеству сетов, повторений, рабочих весов и в какой части тренировки лучше выполнять это упражнение вы найдете больше информации в трениро

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6. 2 Mintue Emom

This time you have two minutes to finish the round and catch your breath for the next one.

Complex means you are not allowed to let go of the bar or rest it on the floor until you have done all 20 reps.

6 rounds

  • 7 Deadlifts
  • 3 Clean
  • 7 Front squat
  • 3 Push press/jerk

7. Deadlift Burpee WOD

Keep going or it will make you suffer, because once the deadlift start to get heavy and need rest, then you have to do 20 burpees. That will not leave you well rested for your on coming deadlift.

  • 30 Deadlifts 100/80kg
  • 20 Burpees over bar everytime you rest

Stefi Cohen Hits a 240kg Deadlift PR at 55kg BW!