Try This Insane 500 Rep Arm Challenge By Joe Andrews

8 exercises in total.

Looking to try a new workout for your arm day? Check out this crazy 500 rep arm challenge developed by Joe Andrews.

Joe Andrews is a bodybuilder who amassed almost a million followers on his Instagram account. He usually posts training workouts and tips for anyone interested in how he trains weekly. He also has a YouTube channel with more videos of his workouts.

500 Rep Arm Challenge

Let’s get to the 500 rep arm challenge. This can be your arm workout replacement rather than just a challenge you do once and never again. That is if you are crazy enough to keep up with this amount of workout.

The 500 rep arm challenge begins with a 10-12 minute of steady-state cardio. Followed by:

  1. Standing single-arm dumbbell preacher curl – 4x 10 each arm
  2. Standing dumbbell overhead extension – 4×10 (heavy)
  3. Cable reverse curl – 4×15
  4. Tricep cable underhand pulldown – 4×15
  5. Straight bar curl – 4×15
  6. Unilateral cable kickback – 4×25
  7. Standing single-arm cable crucifix curl – 4×10 each arm
  8. Seated bench dips – 2×50
500 rep arm challengeSource: Dollar Gill on Unsplash

This 500 rep arm challenge will target your biceps, triceps and also forearm in every angle possible. If hypertrophy is what you are looking for, this workout surely will increase the size of your arms.

To see each exercise being performed by Joe Andrews, click on the video below.

VIDEO – 500 Rep Arm Challenge

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Arm Muscles

Now that you have seen the 500 rep arm challenge, it is good to understand the arm muscles and how they work so you can increase that mind-muscle connection while working out.

Arm muscles are a complex network of muscle groups that work together to allow you to do everything from riding a bike to throwing a football. The biceps and triceps are the two most well-known arm muscles, but there’s also more than meets the eye when it comes to this important body part.

In fact, there are seven different arm muscles that play a vital role in keeping your arms strong and healthy for everyday activities like lifting groceries and doing other tasks around the house. Here is an overview of each one:


  • The biceps is located on the front of your upper arm. It’s a muscle that flexes your elbow joint, which means it brings your forearm up toward your shoulder.
  • The biceps consists of two heads: the long head and the short head.
preacher curl Build bigger and stronger arms.Source: Teach Me Anatomy


The triceps brachii is a muscle located on the back of your arm. It consists of three heads that make up three different muscles: the lateral head, long head and medial head.

These muscles are attached to your upper arm bone (humerus) by way of long tendons, which form a large tendon at the elbow joint.

The lateral head originates from the top half of your humerus; it inserts into your shoulder blade at its upper end and into part of your forearm at its lower end. The long head originates from both sides of the distal half of your humerus; it inserts into part of your shoulder blade and into most bones in the palm side of your forearm except for those belonging to thumb-side fingers.

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Forearm Muscles

Wrist flexors

These muscles are responsible for bending your wrist. There are multiple forearm muscle groups that make up this category, including the flexor carpi radialis and palmaris longus. These muscles connect to the radius and ulna in your forearm and run down along either side of your wrist, so they’re also called “palmar” flexors. They help you hold onto objects or lift something using your arms and hands.

Wrist extensors

These muscles extend the wrist joint by straightening out the hand after bending it back toward you at a right angle (think: “handshake”). You may have heard them referred to as “dorsal” extensors because they run along each side of your forearm from above—or dorsally—to below—or plantarly—your hand. They include four tendons: extensor carpi radialis longus (ECRL), extensor digitorum communis (EDC), extensor pollicus longus (EPL) and extensor pollicus brevis


The arm muscles are important for everyday life and sports. They can be used in a variety of ways, from lifting heavy objects to playing sports like baseball or football.

Knowing how many muscles are in each arm is important because it helps us understand what happens when we injure them or if the pain persists after exercising too much.

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