10 Best Exercises to Build Arm Strength and Muscle

Get bigger arms now.

A concise list of the 10 best exercises to build arm strength.

When you begin defining your workout program, you are bound to have arm exercises. There are so many different curls and triceps extensions on the internet that is easy to get lost.

If you had to choose just a handful of movements, you would want the most effective ones, of course. So what are the best exercises to build arm strength? BOXROX has compiled a list of 10.

10 Best Exercises to Build Arm Strength

If you look online, you will find that most fitness influencers and coaches would focus solely on biceps and triceps. Although that is the part of the arm that people tend to look for, BOXROX is adding another often overlook muscle group that you should train.

In our list of best exercises to build arm strength we have divided into three categories:

  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Forearm

Some people would consider the shoulders also a part of the arm to train. That won’t be the case here. But if you want to add shoulder exercises to your routine, you can click here or here.

We have also covered the grip strength factor in a previous article that we will not be covering here. You can check out 8 important yet neglected muscles and how to strengthen them.

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When working your biceps you will have to focus on curls and the barbell curl is the variation that lets you overload and lift more weight compared to other options.

The incline dumbbell curl adds extra tension to the biceps at its most elongated, targeting the long head of the muscle.

On the other spectrum, the concentration curl allows you to hit the short head of your biceps.

The chin-up is a compound movement that will work your entire upper body but with great emphasis on your biceps. You can also focus on the eccentric portion of the exercise by slowing your body in a controlled manner.


The triceps is the biggest muscle in your arms so you will want to dedicate a good portion of your training routine to this muscle group if you want to increase your arm strength.

The lying tricep extension can be performed with a pair of dumbbells or a barbell. Just make sure to not bring your arms all the way vertical because, that way, gravity will not let your triceps under optimal resistance. Maintain the elbows slightly past your head to keep your triceps under tension at all times.

The close grip bench press builds triceps strength in all three heads of the muscle and you can load this exercise heavier compared to other triceps exercises.

Lastly, if done correctly, the dips should be in your own list of the best exercises to build arm strength. Make sure you are leaning forward when beginning the movement to allow your arms to be closer to peak contraction.

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Although your forearms will get some of the action from the exercises mentioned before, such as the chin-up and dips, it is good to have exercises specifically targeting your forearms if you want to build strength.

The wrist curl and the reverse curl can both be performed with a pair of dumbbells, a barbell or even an EZ bar. It is easy to overload as well.

The dead hang is a simple exercise that can be very demanding mentally and physically, but one of the best isometric exercises for your forearm.

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