18 Things Only Old School Crossfit Athletes Will Remember

Since 2007 when the inaugural Games took place in Aromas, the sport of fitness started a revolution that would widely spread across the globe. Approximately 70 athletes competed in 2007, this year alone 272,667 people registered for the Open.

Still don’t know what hopper is? Scroll through the article to found out and see what other things only long-time Crossfitters remember.

1. Chucks before Nanos and MetCons

Converse All Stars shoes were considered “favourite” for MetCon workouts. Many powerlifters still use these for deadlifts.

Photo credit: CrossFit impulse

2. Ranch in Aromas with burgers, beer, Chris Spealler and 70 other athletes

Before Home Depot Centre in Carson, Aromas was the home for the inaugural CrossFit Games in 2007. Chris Spealler was already in the line up of athletes.

It was a simple backyard barbecue on a ranch in Aromas along with burgers and beer and a serious test of fitness…” – from the History of CrossFit Games.

History of CrossFit games

3. Camaraderie among the athletes

Athletes were friends supporting and helping each other.

Team Denmark in 2009. Photo credit: CrossFit Inc.

4. The Hopper

The first event of the inaugural CrossFit Games was chosen randomly with a help of coloured balls and the hopper. This workout is now known as the 2007 and was repeated in 2013. Josh Bridges won it with the time of 8:33. In 2007 Brett Marshall finished first in 13:07. Jolie Gentry, the female winner of the first ever CrossFit Games, won the hopper with 16:22. In 2013 Valerie Voboril took first place with the time of 9:48.

For time:
Row 1000 meters
then, five rounds of:
25 Pull-ups
7 Push jerks (61/38 kg)

5. CrossFit Games 2007 flyer

Remember this one?

CrossFit Games 2007 flier
Photo credit: CrossFit Inc.

6. Athletes had to pound a stake into the ground

Sledge hammers, 4-foot stake for men, 3-foot for women combined with 2 rounds of 500-meter row. An event from 2009 CrossFit Games.

Photo credit: CrossFit Inc.

See the video.

7. Julie Foucher was a beginner

So far the girl in the video has placed on the CrossFit Games podium twice: 3rd in 2014 and 2nd in 2012.

8. The uphill sandbag sprint in 2009

The 170-meter long uphill sprint with sandbags looked like fun and was won by two Icelandic athletes: Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson and Annie Thorisdottir.

sand bag sprint
Photo credit: CrossFit Inc.

9. 19-year-old Annie Thorisdottir with a 115 lbs snatch

Annie made her first appearance in 2009, not even knowing how to do all movements correctly. She learnt the snatch while warming up and later did a 115 lbs (52 kg) lift.

10. CrossFit Total workout

CrossFit Total was the ultimate strength test: back squat 1RM, press 1RM and deadlift 1RM. Three attempts for each lift.

11. Nasty Girls

The original CrossFit girls Annie Sakamoto, Nicole Carroll and Eva T did the Nasty Girls workout with three rounds of: 50 squats, 7 muscle-ups and 10 hang power cleans (61/43 kg). These ladies are doing strict muscle ups and Annie just placed 14th at the California Regional 2015.

12. James FitzGerald: the first Fittest Man on Earth

Now the founder and owner of OPEX Fitness and a coach to many of today’s top athletes.

James FitzGerald
Photo credit: CrossFit Inc.

13. In 2009 athletes did handstand push-ups strict

Event 7 in 2009 combined handstand push-ups together with kettlebell swings and GHD sit-ups. Athletes did them strict. Kipping came a few Games later.

In 2015 Regional event 6 has deficit strict handstand push ups.

14. Khalipa winning the Games in 2008

22-year-old Jason Khalipa became the Fittest Man on Earth by winning the Games in 2008.

Credit: CrossFit Inc.
Photo credit: CrossFit Inc.

15. Mikko Salo came out of nowhere and won

In 2009 CrossFit Games welcomed international competitors and the firefighter from Finland, Mikko Salo won the title. So far no other European male athlete has come close to Mikko’s achievement.

Credit: CrossFit Inc.
Credit: CrossFit Inc.

16. Becca Voigt as a Games rookie in 2008

And Becca today, going to her 8th consecutive CrossFit Games.

Photo credit: CrossFit inc.

17. Froning finished 2nd in 2010

Before becoming a four-time CrossFit Games champion, Rich Froning was beaten by Graham Holmberg and finished 2nd in 2010.

18. Old School Crossfit Athletes: Passion

No money, no fame, just pure passion for fitness.

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