Reebok Nano X Full Review – Our Verdict After a Month of Testing

The Reebok Nano X is the latest iteration of the Nano line and is one of the most impressive cross training shoes in the market. It was designed with versatility in mind, built to tackle a myriad of workouts or combination of movements while remaining relevant for all.

The shoe was created to take on jumping, lifting, rope climbing, gymnastics and whatever else a training session might throw at an athlete.

The Nano X is Reebok’s tenth iteration of their Nano line and the last one produced under CrossFit’s 10-year partnership contract. This shoe is the product of a decade of dedication to the sport and represents its evolution. For the tenth iteration, Reebok created a trainer you can rely on well beyond the box.–nIuj/


Ten out of ten. The Reebok Nano X is ridiculously comfortable. It has a sock-like feel and the toe box is wide enough to allow your toes to splay while keeping your foot in place.

I have now worn the shoe for over a month for a wide range of activities to test its performance, features and durability, and it hasn’t let me down. I didn’t feel like the shoe needed any “breaking in” as it was nice and flexible from the start and has remained so throughout my training.

A new EVA-foam rim has been added around the shoe and it cups the foot in place. Additionally, there are overlays of added support across the uppers that serve the same purpose.

Reebok introduced a new high-density foam collar for the Nano X. This gives the shoe a bootie look and provides extra cushioning. The tongue is also a bit taller and is subtly separated into three sections, giving it a flush and comfortable fit around your ankle.

reebok nano x

I’ve spent days walking around in the Nano X without any problems.


The new Flexweave (the material on top of the shoe) is stretchier than the one used for the Nano 9s. This means that the front of the shoe can be bent with ease and it’s great for all movements that require your feet to flex – lunges, burpees, short sprints, box step overs, double unders.

The Nano X is also great for exercises that require foot stability. The Flexweave has been removed from the back in place of a stiffer nylon, with some mesh here and there for breathability. The more rigid material at the back, together with the ankle collar, secure your heel in place in a way I hadn’t felt any cross trainer do before.

The heel cup feels way firmer than the Nano 9 and the whole back of the shoe is rigid and stable, which was great for everything lifting related, from Olympic weightlifting and slow lifts, to overhead dumbbell squats and wall balls.

There is one area where I was particular impressed with the Nano X and it was weightlifting, the shoe truly excels at this.

The only exercise I wasn’t able to test the shoes in was rope climbs, as the indoor spaces of gyms were closed. However, the “Ropepro” feature from the Nano 9 was kept on the soles of the Nano X. Additionally, a protective overlay has been added at the bottom of the lacing system to protect laces from abrasive ropes. All of this gives me the confidence the Nano X will deliver during rope climbs.

nano xSource: Photography by Jose Cano

Where I wasn’t so sure

While the Nano X is exceptionally comfortable, the added overlays for durability and security do mean the shoe isn’t as breathable as other models. I wore the Nano X for over two hours for my longest training session during the test and the shoes got pretty hot inside.

However, note that I’ve also worn the Nano X to walk around all day and go to work without facing this issue.

The Nano X has been marketed as a runnable shoe. Sadly, I felt this was the one aspect that lets the shoe down. While it is flexible enough at the front, the back of the Nano X is incredibly solid – this is great for weightlifting, but less so for running.

If you’re a rearfoot runner (you strike the ground with your heel first when you run) the back stability of the Nano X is can be a hinderance, as the flexibility doesn’t naturally flow through the heel and into the front of the shoe.

reebok nano x

Firmness aside, the Nano X is a relatively heavy shoe, weighting at 313g each for a female size 7.5 (US). This quickly becomes apparent while running and I found that any distance longer than 200m gave the feeling that you were running with weights on your ankles.

I do have to admit that I come from a trail and ultra-running background and am used to highly specific, lightweight running shoes. Someone without my biases might not find the same issues I did while running with the Nano X.

reebok nano xSource: Photography by Jose Cano

All in all, I’m not disappointed the Nano X is probably not the best shoe to run long distances in. The shoe was exceptional in every other area, and I was truly impressed by it.


The Reebok Nano X is one of the most comfortable and versatile training shoes I’ve ever worn. It’s got a great fit and really does perform with whatever you throw at it. The X is not the best shoe for long-distance running but it does truly excel in its lifting performance.

Putting it on, you can tell the Nano X is a product of ten years of deep knowledge of the demands a cross training shoe requires. After a month of testing, I can confidently say it performs as good as it feels.

Performance aside, Reebok has gone for a huge makeover on the way the Nano X looks. The shoe is a far cry from the plain design from the 8 and 9, and personally, I really like it. It’s a funky mix between retro and modern and I love the streetwear style.

nano xSource: Photography by Jose Cano

In terms of sizing, I went for my usual 7.5 and that was perfect, so I’d recommend you go with your regular shoe size if you’re considering buying a pair.

Reebok were the first brand to create an official shoe for the up and coming competitive fitness movement, and wearing the Nano X it’s easy to tell there’s a decade of dedication behind the shoe.

The Nano X is one of the best training shoes on the market right now, and it’s one you can take well beyond the Box. I’ll continue to wear mine for my upcoming training sessions and you’ll probably find me casually wearing them on a day to day basis too.

Get yours now!

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