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11 Spicy Ring Muscle Up Workouts to Improve Your Bodyweight Skills

Test yourself with these challenging workouts.

Ring muscle up workouts – 4. Harvest

EMOM in 6 Minutes:

  • 4 Ring Muscle-Ups
  • 20 Wall Ball Shots

This is shoulder-heavy ring muscle up workout and one with little rest. The 20 wall ball shots, in addition to the four ring muscle-ups, can be a push to complete within a minute. Reduce the number of reps if this is the case.

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5. Quick Burn

5 Rounds for Time:

  • 3 Deadlifts (365/225lb)
  • 4 Ring Muscle-Ups

Time cap: 7 minutes

This is a sprint couplet with a very low rep range, so athletes should go all out. Scale the deadlifts to 75-80% of your 1 rep max if the prescribed weight will make you move slow or prevent you from going unbroken.

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6. American Dream

20 Minute AMRAP ascending ladder of:

  • Power Cleans (200/140 lb)
  • Ring Muscle-Ups

Start with one rep of each movement in the first round and add one rep per round until the time is up. Score is the number of rounds completed.

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