Source: CrossFit Inc

The 10 Mental Stages of a Crossfit Metcon Workout

Each Crossfit workout is a special kind of journey. Or maybe more like a pretty wild roller coaster ride!

Metabolic conditioning, whether is it just about rowing intervals or different gymnastic-weightlifting complexes for time, makes you crawl, sometimes throw up and always wanting more. Each workout itself is a challenge and often consists of different stages which also involve regular mood swings!

Let’s have a look at the different stages your mind goes through while you’re doing the MetCon workouts.

1. The Idealist: “I’ll do this unbroken!”

The WOD looks easy, at least on the whiteboard. It’s 21-15-9-something and you’ve worked hard enough over the past few months to do it unbroken. You also watched a lot of YouTube Rich Froning motivational videos.


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