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CrossFit Boxes in Madison – Where to Workout During The Games

If watching the CrossFit Games doesn’t make you want to work out, we don’t know what will. If you are inspired, we have compiled a list of Boxes you could visit whilst you’re out in Madison, check it out.

2-Day Workshop with CrossFit Games Athlete Khan Porter – Amsterdam

Train with Khan for two days and learn everything you need to know about mindset, programming, nutrition and a good balance in life!

CrossFit Fianna – What You Have to Do to Run a Successful Box

CrossFit Fianna in Dublin, Ireland wants to ensure their members can enjoy their life to the fullest outside of the gym. They train their members so that they can live pain free, avoid disease and play football with their grandchildren when they're older.

Improve your Olympic Weightlifting with Pull Boxes & Jerk Blocks

These valuable pieces of training equipment allow athletes to practice jerking, snatching and cleaning from many different positions, improving their technical skill, strength and adaptability.

Crossfit Nutrition & Training: Maximising Progress In & Out of The Box

In this series of articles, BOXROX is working closely with CrossFit Shapesmiths to explore in depth the vital role that nutrition plays for all Crossfitters.

What Does The Crossfit Community Mean to You?

Why do you do Crossfit? What does the community mean to you and are the Crossfit Games a fair representation of what you do in your Box?

Crossfit in Kuwait: World Class Fitness in The Middle East

The widespread popularity of Crossfit in the Middle East should come as no surprise, yet even after three years of living and working in Kuwait, and traveling around the GCC, I am still amazed. Not only by the speed of its growth, but also by the quality of Crossfit affiliates in this region.

Build your Box – Stop Wishing, Start Doing!

Have you ever dreamt about the perfect Box? What would yours look like if you could design it yourself? Here is what you need to know. Stop wishing and make it happen!

10 Boxes in Madrid to Visit whilst at the Meridian Regionals

So you’re in Spain at the Meridian Regionals, and you fancy a WOD? Check out these 10 Boxes in Madrid to decide which one you want to visit.
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