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2-Day Workshop with CrossFit Games Athlete Khan Porter – Amsterdam

Are you ready to take your training, nutrition and balance in life to the next level? February 15th & 16th 2018 in Amsterdam

Ever heard of Khan Porter? Of course you have! This three-year individual CrossFit Games veteran has remained one of Australia’s leading CrossFit athletes since his first regional appearance in 2013. His best Games finish was 27th in 2014 and now he is willing to share all his knowledge and skills with you!

What 2 days with Khan Porter can teach you

If you are ready for the next level, this 2-day workshop is a great opportunity to learn from Khan himself. In a small group (max. 20 spots) he will teach you everything you need to know about mindset, programming, nutrition and a good balance in life. Let him be your personal coach for two days and improve your Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and workouts in general.

Khan Porter trainingSource: CrossFit Zeeburg
Khan Porter training

This is what the program will look like:

February 15th

Personal back ground with fitness, lifestyle and mental health

Mindset Talk 
Power of mindset and having a mental process when training / competing
“The Three A’s of Success” Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Workout 1 
Olympic Lifting
Strength + Volume

Short break

Programming Basics 1 Talk 
Developing Strength, Skill & Capacity 
For athletes, coaches and the everyday person

 Workout 2 
Gymnastics Strength 
Volume Workout

 Lunch break

 Programming Basics 2 Talk 
Training Volume vs. Training Intensity 

Nutrition Talk 
The ‘perfect body for fitness’ 
The basics 
Initiative eating

Workout 3 
High Intensity Interval workout

Khan Porter during a WODSource: CrossFit Zeeburg
Khan Porter during a WOD

February 16th

Mindfulness Practices Talk 
What is mindfulness? 
How is mindfulness useful for athletes? 
How does this carry over into other areas of life – food, sleep, relaxation, relationships, stress etc.

Workout 1 
Strength Workout 
Interval Conditioning Workout

Short break

Balance Talk 
Balance – how to manage training time, make training fun, enjoy a happy healthy social life 
and allow yourself the opportunity to live life to the fullest inside and outside the gym

Workout 2 
Signature PLAY style 50 round workout

Lunch break

Team training talk 
How to use team workouts in your training

Workout 3 
Signature PLAY style team workout

Wrap up and Q and A

World class training in exciting Amsterdam

What better place to do this than Amsterdam? The workshop takes place at the intimate box CrossFit Zeeburg in Amsterdam. In line with Porter’s philosophy on enjoying life and having fun you will be able to enjoy Amsterdam in the evenings or maybe even stay for the weekend as you are already there.

Lots of fun guaranteed!
With Khan Porter you are guaranteed of world class training and lots of fun. Do you need some proof of the latter? Known for his playful demeanor, in 2016 he went viral after posting himself dancing to Beyoncé in a tribute to men’s mental health. See it for yourself…



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