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7 Top CrossFit Boxes in Madison to Workout at During the CrossFit Games

If watching the CrossFit Games doesn’t make you want to work out, we don’t know what will. Find out where to get your training done whilst you’re out in Madison!

Where to train CrossFit in Madison, Wisconsin? If you are watching the CrossFit Games live and want to keep your fitness on form, then you must check out the many CrossFit Boxes in Madison.

The “fittest town in America” – as it has been referred to – will once again play host to the ultimate test of fitness: the CrossFit Games.

Every summer since 2007, the CrossFit community has come together to celebrate the sport and crown the Fittest on Earth. The competition moved to Madison in 2017 and, with the exception of 2020, has seen the fittest athletes around the world go head to head for that top spot.

After watching the best of the best compete at what they’re good at in a wide range of fitness tests, it’d be hard not to walk away inspired. Therefore, we have compiled a list of CrossFit Boxes in Madison for you to check out and get some good workouts in during your time off from watching the Games.

CrossFit Boxes in Madison

CrossFit Recursive

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can” reads CrossFit Recursive’s moto. They’re located bang on in the middle of Madison, and you can join a group class for $25 or you can pay upfront for multiple classes.

They recommend you read the How to be a Good Visiting CrossFitter guide so your drop in experience is great for everyone involved.

CrossFit Connex

Drop ins during the 2021 CrossFit Games are more than welcome at CrossFit Connex. The Box, in addition to the usual group classes, has a couple of special events happening throughout the Games:

  • Wine night with Margaux Alvarez  on Friday July 23rd at 6pm. Reserve from our calendar.
  • Free Workout for WHOOP users or anyone who purchases WHOOP at our location on Saturday 7AM and 9AM.
  • Free Workout with AIRWAAV on Saturday July 31st at 8AM. First come, first serve (40 person cap)
  • Pop up shop with WODBottom Thursday – Sunday 6AM- 1PM with opportunities to enter a big giveaway.

CrossFit Big Dane

Less than a 10 minute drive from the Alliant Energy Center, where the CrossFit Games are held, Big Dane Collective is keen to welcome visitors and international friends .

“Whether you are a fan, friend, family or even athlete, we hope you will find the time to stop by Big Dane Collective on Post Rd,” the Madison Box wrote on Instagram.

Big Dane Collective also has special events happening throughout the CrossFit Games, which include training with Mat Fraser, Murph with Josh Bridges and a class coached by Jacob Heppner. You can catch up on all of them through their social media.

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