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Combat COVID – 5 Tips to Stay Motivated when Training at Home

Learn how to keep up your training schedule and training routine, even when you are forced to train at home.

Weight Loss and Crossfit: Friends or Foes?

Did you join Crossfit to lose weight? Lots of people do. As I see it, the box can be a great place to turn around a life – which is essentially the task facing overweight people.

A Better Beautiful – How Crossfit Helped me Redefine My Relationship with My Body

I’m not talking about a fabulous incredible bikini body.  I’m talking about a body that is capable of doing things that once seemed impossible.  A body that can run, climb, lift, carry, drag, throw, hold and grab whatever life throws it’s way.

Is Your Pre-sleep MetCon Keeping You Awake?

Vigorous exercise before sleep is not always a good idea, but if you’re an ordinary Crossfitter with a daily 8-hour job, your training is probably scheduled in the evening.

9 Things I Learned Being a Crossfit Mom

I opened my own Crossfit box when I was 8 months pregnant. That said, training has been a part of my life for the past 16 years, 12 of those years being a personal trainer, i.e. helping other people incorporate an active lifestyle into their busy schedule.

How Sleep Affects Recovery, Performance and Health

Sleep is a natural process with remarkable benefits for the human body, which recovers the muscles from effort, consolidates learning and memorizing, and also helps manage stress and emotions better than any medication or supplements available on the market.

Benefits of Meditating and Mindfulness in Sport

How can meditation and mindfulness help you?

How to Improve your Mindset for Crossfit Performance and Life

"Mindset is 100% a developable skill. No question about it." - Julien Pineau

How To Develop a Better Mindset for Crossfit and Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Self sabotage is any behaviour, thought, emotion or action that holds you back from getting what you consciously want and are working towards.
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