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'Your Strongest Muscle and worst Enemy is your mind you must train it well' Co writing articles with Paul Warrior. Emma Hackett is a Life Coach, Mental Strength and Conditioning Coach, NLP practitioner,who has combined her passion for Sport and Knowledge of the mind and now works with Athletes as a drop in Peak Performance Coach at Reebok Crossfit Tyneside and City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy alongside running Limitless Coaching her Life coaching Business working with people one on one in person or via Skype. Paul warrior is a Highly experienced Crossfit Coach and programmer. Co owner of Warrior programming and Head coach at Crossfit Reebok Tyneside also Co owner of Built Up North. Paul aka Warrior Works with Athletes in the UK and Europe and is known for his Knowledge Bombs and unique one liners. Warrior Programming exists for athletes who wish to take their training further to help gain skills and push themselves to a place they never thought possible. Now running Seminars together under Warrior programming involving Physical and Mental training For Athletes and Teams with the Manifesto: To help enforce a training culture with the objective of producing Mentally and Physically capable Humans focused on optimum performance through working hard whilst maintaining Honesty and integrity.


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