Awesome Photos from The Nike Freakest Challenge 2020 – (Fraser, Horvath, Sigmundsdottir Etc)

The format is unique, with eight teams (two women and two men) fighting on a tournament style elimination competition. Each team also gets a mentor, and competitors could not have asked for better athletes to assist them throughout the evening. In attendance were Mat Fraser, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Noah Ohlsen, Laura Horvath, Lukas Hogberg, Thuri Helgadottir and many other top Nike Athletes. 

In Barcelona, 2,500 people, local and from other parts of Europe, lined up for hours to witness a competition that combines our sport with amazing music, remarkable dance performances and many surprises. 

The Nike Freakest Challenge 2020

All these amazing photos were taken by Ramon Alberich, known for his CrossFit photography under Wodshots. His iconic style and eye for detail, flair and atmosphere makes him one of the best photographers working in the sport today. 

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