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Top 10 Reasons to Try Crossfit

All jokes aside, speaking with a Crossfitter about crossfit can be a bit intimidating or possibly confusing leaving you more confused than you were before you started your conversation. For now, forget all that you have heard and check out the top 10 reasons you need to try Crossfit.

1. Fun


No really, it is fun! A lot of people refer to Crossfit as ‘recess for adults’. Who doesn’t want or NEED daily recess?!

2. Community


Aside from having fun work out you will also meet some passionate, exciting, and interesting people. It’s common to do a Saturday workout and then hang around the gym and fire up the grill, plan a ski trip, or get a team together for the next obstacle race. You will do more than sweat and exchange recipes with these people, you will develop new and fun friendships.

3. Results


Crossfit is about measurable progress. Most of us keep a journal either by a smartphone app or with old fashioned pen and paper, either way we chart our progress. 5 months ago, one of my clients could only do 2 sit-ups, no squats, and had no idea what it meant to Clean. This week she did 50 sit-ups unbroken, 50% body weight squats, and can power clean with the best of them.

4. Surprise Yourself


A lot of your great results will come from the ability to surprise yourself. Not only will you do things you didn’t know you could, you will finally perfect that one move you have been working with your coach on for months. After weeks of doing drills, to get your shoulders to shrug, or your hips to extend, or your elbows to pull high, one day you will execute the perfect Snatch, Clean, Kipping pull-up or deadlift and you will feel AMAZING.

5. Lifestyle Changes


Being around all of these high energy people makes it hard to resist giving in to some new life style habits. Before you know it you will be trading your prepackaged snacks for something whole and real. Your weekends will consists of your kids soccer games AND some time in the gym, you will develop a deep appreciation for having full rage of motion in all of your joints and look forward to ‘mobility’ days. Rather than meet your friends for lunch/drinks/ice cream, you’ll meet at the gym and THEn head out for drinks.

6. It’s Cheaper than Therapy


Have you ever had a bad day? Maybe you are mad, frustrated, angry or hurt. In that moment you may want to drink, cry, talk to someone…or head to the Box and leave it ALL on the floor. Coming into the gym in a terrible mood is not ideal, but it happens to all of us. Nothing helps you work through your issues like a little one-on-one time with a barbell and then a crushing metcon along side your new friends.

7. Increased Energy


We all know that working out, in any form, give you more energy. Now imagine combining the energy we all get from workout with the feeling of surprising yourself, seeing results, and making new friends. It’s like a triple does of feel-good endorphins!

8- Your Coach


Yes YOUR coach. All Crossfit classes are lead by a coach to insure proper form, provide modifications, encouragement, uphold standards, and occasionally give you a ‘no rep’ when they see you not doing something properly or half-assing your thrusters. Your coach will become an inspiration, counselor, buddy, nutrition advisor and your biggest cheerleader. Even if you move and have to join a new gym you will alway refer to your old coach as “My Coach”

9. Try Crossfit: Do More, Suck Less


Who doesn’t want to suck less at life? You will be able to do daily tasks with more ease, whip up a delicious, highly nutritious, meals without thinking twice, and possibly even find a new adventurous side that leads you to trying new activities. All of which will make you more fun to be around and generally, suck less.

10. Look Better Naked


A pretty good side effect of Crossfit?


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