25 Unusual Kettlebell Abs Exercises

Shake up your training and build a strong core with these exercises.

The kettlebell is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that offers many training options, as highlighted by these 25 unusual kettlebell abs exercises.

As effective as it might be, you won’t find the kettlebell swing in this list, but other great exercises such as the Plank Pull Through and the Bird Dog Row.

Through their unusual shape, kettlebells tend to be used more for flow-type dynamic exercises rather than strict strength. Many athletes and trainers around the world use kettlebells to bridge the gap between strength work and cardio.

The centre of gravity of kettlebells is constantly changing and, as such, resembles the forces you might encounter in day-to-day activities.

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Kettlebells activate dozens of muscles and improve your ability to perform fast, powerful movements during an extended period of time.

Get a good workout in while working on your core by adding a few of these unusual kettlebell abs exercises to your training routine.

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25 unusual kettlebell abs exercises

  1. Figure 8
  2. Dead Bug with Reach
  3. Russian Twist
  4. Seated 1-Arm Press
  5. Plank Pull Through
  6. Spider Man Push/Pull Plank
  7. Turkish Get Up
  8. Plank Row Isometric Hold
  9. Around the World
  10. Hot Potato
  11. Windmill
  12. Bird Dog Row
  13. 1-Arm Overhead Carry
  14. 1-Arm Rack Carry
  15. 1-Arm Suitcase Carry
  16. Crawl + Pull Through
  17. Hollow Hold
  18. Hollow Press
  19. 1-Arm Sit-Up
  20. Gladiator Get Up
  21. V-Reaches
  22. Alternating Plank Row
  23. Kneeling Halo
  24. 1-Arm Bottom Up Carry
  25. Standing andi-Rotation

Watch a demo of all 25 unusual kettlebell abs exercises

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One kettlebell and 20 movements for you to master and get fitter.

Kettlebell enthusiasts will argue that movements such as the Turkish get-up should be included within this list. However, I want to stress that when compiling this article I was looking to select 20 of the most easily performed movements that bring the best response from the body.

Turkish getups along with many other complex kettlebell movements are incredibly helpful, but the high level of technique required means they will not be making this list.

So with that being said here are the 20 most important kettlebell exercises to improve all aspects of strength and conditioning.

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