Battle Cancer Launch “You are Not Alone” Campaign to Support Cancer Survivors Through CrossFit

Battle Cancer, the world’s leading mass-participation, functional fitness competition raising money for cancer charities across the world, has launched the “You are Not Alone” campaign to promote their initiative to provide free fitness programs for those affected by cancer.

The campaign launched on Thursday May 21 and hopes to raise awareness and funds for the Battle Cancer Move Forward Programme – a global initiative creating a network of fitness professionals trained to serve those during or post cancer treatment.

It aims to help cancer survivors return to full health and strength through a unique, tailored 10-week CrossFit programme which will give them the foundation to take their CrossFit Level 1 certificate. In turn, these athletes will be able to train the next cancer survivors joining the programme.

You are Not Alone is supported by over 60 celebrities and athletes such as Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Ross Edgley, Danny Alves, Aaron Ramsay, Joe Wicks, and many more. Top CrossFit athletes such as Tia-Clair Toomey, Annie Thorisdottir, Katrín Davíðsdóttir, Brooke Wells, Pat Vellner and Jamie & Elliot Simmonds also support the campaign.

In recognition that everyone has been affected by cancer in some way, Battle Cancer brings people together to fight back, celebrate those who have fought and won and remember those who have lost.

“Those undergoing treatment, loss and recovery due to cancer over the past few months have never felt so alone and pushed aside. At Battle Cancer we have harnessed the global fitness community and through it we work to tell people around the world that they are not alone,” Battle Cancer founder Scott Britton said.

“To now have the backing of some of the world’s biggest stars, across so many industries, helping us to deliver this message is simply incredible. Our Move Forward program offers a direct path for cancer patients to help them with recovery, to grow mentally and physically stronger – by people who have been there themselves.”

You can support this amazing cause here.

Or you can follow Battle Cancer on Instagram and find out more here.

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