Building Better Nutritional Strategies – Advice from Ben Bergeron

  1. Change your environment

A great nutritional strategy is to set yourself up so you don’t have to use all your willpower when the environment you’re in tempts you.

There are so many other situations where your willpower would be a lot more beneficial to you than spending it all trying not to eat “that biscuit”.

Create a new environment for yourself and get rid of the bad habits. When grocery shopping, avoid the junk food isles and don’t bring that kind of “food” into your home.

Most people have a cupboard full of biscuits and sweets at home, ready to be eaten whenever, but when it comes to a healthy option there’s only a piece of chicken in the fridge that would take half an hour to cook. It’s understandable we go for the easy option.

Yet, if you didn’t have that cupboard, if the junk food wasn’t even in your house, it’d be a lot harder to have it, as it’s not that easily accessible.

Make healthy choices easier and bad ones harder.

A change of environment is the best think you can do to prompt yourself into eating healthy.

If the junk food is not at home, you’re not going to have it – get rid of the bad.

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