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OFFICIAL: How to Find Out Your Country Selection for The 2019 CrossFit Open

To qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games you need to either finish in the top 20 worldwide in the Open, win a CrossFit Sanctioned Event or place highest in the Open rankings in your own respective country. CrossFit Inc. also reserves the right to invite four individual athletes to compete at the Games. 

The CrossFit Open 2019 will begin in February, and run for 5 weeks through to March 25th. 

  • Week 1 – Thursday, Feb. 21st – Monday, Feb. 25th
  • Week 2 – Thursday, Feb. 28th – Monday, Mar. 4th
  • Week 3 – Thursday, Mar. 7th – Monday, Mar. 11th
  • Week 4 – Thursday, Mar. 14h – Monday, Mar. 18th
  • Week 5 – Thursday, Mar. 21st – Monday, Mar. 25th

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Clearly this has much wider implications than the previous qualifying process, as it is obviously harder to qualify as the highest ranked US Athlete than it is to qualify the highest ranked athlete from Lichtenstein, for example, in the Open. This means that the CrossFit Games is now open to a much wider field of athletes. 

For the majority of people, they will be registered to compete in the country in which they live, work and train. but there are many anomalies and details that are important to note if you are are in the military, living and/or working abroad, travelling etc. Make sure you read the exact rules properly. The following are from the brand new CrossFit 2019 rulebook. 


During the registration process, athletes will provide information to establish their competition country for the Open. Athletes will remain assigned to this country throughout the competition season up through the Games.

Requirements used to determine an athlete’s competition country are based on citizenship at the close of the first Open workout. For the vast majority of athletes, their country will coincide with where they live, work and train on a daily basis.

Any country that has at least one active CrossFit affiliate in good standing with CrossFit Inc. at the close of the first Open workout will have a chance to send a qualified athlete to the Games.

Athletes do not need to be living in the country with which they claim citizenship. So long as the athlete is a citizen of a country with an active CrossFit affiliate in good standing with CrossFit Inc., that athlete may register to represent said country.


For certain individuals, selecting a competition country may not be so straightforward. The guidelines below address some uncommon examples for selecting an athlete’s competition country.

Military personnel (active duty and reserve in all branches) will compete for the country where they hold citizenship. Military personnel will compete for that country regardless of Temporary Duty Assignments (TDA/TDY) and/or deployment.

Athletes with dual citizenship will have the ability to choose which country they would like to represent for the season. Athletes can only compete for one country.

Athletes in the middle of applying for new citizenship/adjusted status will compete for the country where they are a current citizen at the end of the first week of the Open.

Athletes who gain new citizenship after the conclusion of the first week of the Open will not be able to change their country and will compete for the original country for which they registered. Errors in choosing the appropriate country may result in the disqualification of an athlete. For any questions concerning country selection, please contact support@crossfitgames.com PRIOR to the registration deadline.¹

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¹Copyright © 2019 CrossFit Inc. All Rights Reserved. CrossFit is a registered trademark ® of CrossFit Inc, COMPETITION RULEBOOK

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