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Failed Drug Test Disqualifies CrossFit East Woodbridge From CrossFit Games

CrossFit East Woodbridge have been disqualified from The CrossFit Games due to a failed drug test.

Laura Laura Hosier, who declined her individual invitation to compete as a member of East Woodbridge, tested positive for higenamine. 

She then posted this statement.

“I received an email from @crossfitgames informing me that I had tested positive for higenamine. A compound found in the pictured preworkout I had taken. I take full responsibility for consuming this product. I drank it. It was delicious. It was blue. And that was about all I knew about it. I bought it at a local shop and didn’t think twice. In retrospect I should have. I am embarrassed and appalled that my ignorance is costing my teammates their shot at competing at the Crossfit Games. I am sorry to everyone who helped and supported me on this journey. I fucked up.”


CrossFit is committed to providing a comprehensive drug testing program, including both championships and out-of-competition testing.

• Championships Drug Testing: may occur on site at any CrossFit-sanctioned competition. All athletes at Regionals and the Games are subject to
testing. The selection of athletes to be drug tested may be based on directed selection, random selection or position of finish.

• Out-Of-Competition Testing: All registered athletes, having electronically signed the drug testing consent form as part of the registration process,
are subject to unannounced directed or random testing outside of competition, 365 days a year, at any time and any place. Directed selections
will be made solely at the discretion of CrossFit Inc. Random selections may be generated electronically from a pool of athletes selected by
CrossFit Inc.


CrossFit, at its sole discretion, will select athletes to be included in CrossFit’s Registered Athlete Testing Pool or “Testing Pool.” As long as an athlete
is included in the Testing Pool, he or she must furnish accurate and up-to-date contact and whereabouts information for the purpose of facilitating
drug tests (see Section 6: Removal from Testing Pool/Retirement and Section 6A: Removal from Testing Pool/Watch List for more information).
CrossFit will provide email notification to an athlete when he or she has been selected for the Registered Athlete Testing Pool and will furnish
the athlete with a contact information form at that time. A method for updating this form on a continuous basis will also be provided. All contact
information collected for the purpose of administering drug tests will be kept strictly confidential.

Athletes included in the Testing Pool must submit complete and accurate contact and whereabouts information quarterly. Contact and whereabouts
information is due no later than one day prior to the beginning of each quarter. Deadlines for submitting this information are:

• December 31 for the first quarter (beginning January 1)
• March 31 for the second quarter (beginning April 1)
• June 30 for the third quarter (beginning July 1)
• September 30 for the fourth quarter (beginning October 1)

Read The CrossFit Games Drug Testing policy here

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