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Gymnastic Tips and Training Advice from Ozzie CrossFit Games Athlete Zeke Grove

Hey Zeke Grove, can you give us a brief bio about yourself, where you’re from and how you got into Crossfit?

Well i’m from the Gold coast, Australia and I’m the box owner of Live Elite Crossfit. I’ve played competitive sport my whole life (rugby league, golf, cricket) but started Crossfit in 2013 and completed the open one month later. I’m a four times Regionals Athlete and this year will be my second trip to The CrossFit Games.

Current 1RM PRs

  • Deadlift: 235
  • Back Squat: 200
  • Bench: 140
  • Squat Clean: 161
  • Snatch: 127


What does a typical training week look like for you? How often do you train?

Typical training weeks for me are broken into two parts per day – an AM and PM Sessions. Together these last somewhere between 2-5 hours a day of training.


Do you do your own programming? Are there any principles that are really important to you with how your training is structured?

Darren Coughlan from GCS training has been structuring my program for me over the last 3 seasons.

He is a big believer in ‘BHW’ (Bloody Hard Work) and I’m sure there is some science behind it as well 😉 

How does your training vary in the run up to Regionals and The CrossFit Games? 

Training for Regionals doesn’t change that much leading into it. I’ve come from a rugby league background so I like to be training/ doing something right up until the day before. As for The Games, my running/swimming volume increases.

Which event at The CrossFit Games last year did you most enjoy competing in?

I loved the entire day 1 of the games. Maybe not at the time as it was one of the most challenging things I have ever done but looking back on it was a pretty amazing experience to be pushed to your limit at the birth place of Crossfit.


What did you think of The Regionals Events in 2017?

This year was unreal. It tested not only who was the fittest, but who had been working on the 1 percent, ie. mobility/stability/movement efficiency. 

If you could switch jobs with Dave Castro for a day and program one event for The CrossFit Games this year, what would you choose?

Something with high volume muscle ups and handstand push ups. 

Are there any kinds of workouts that you really hate?

In the past I have been guilty of cherry picking and avoiding things that I disliked as much as I could. That showed in my performance at The Games last year with the events that had running in them. 


What is your main focus for 2017 in terms of Crossfit?

I’m looking to redeem myself at the games this year, I was far from satisfied with my result in 2016. 

What tips or drills would you give to beginner Crossfitters looking to improve their gymnastic skills?

Get back to basics and listen to your coach.

I see too many people these days being far too eager to develop their skills too quickly. Don’t skip steps and make sure you put more time into the boring stuff.


What accessory exercises would be useful to help an athlete develop their HSPU strength?

A close friend of mine has helped me with my handstand work over the years and the biggest thing that has assisted me was a simple handstand hold up against a wall. Focus on finding correct positions through your midline. I usually do 6-8 sets of a 1 minute hold. 


How did your background in Rugby help you transition into Crossfit?

I went to a school which had a rugby league development program so from a young age I learnt the values of hard work and commitment to training. 

What advice would you give to Crossfitters about to compete for the first time in a competition?

Just have fun! Enjoy and learn through the experience.


How would you describe the Crossfit scene in Oz? 

It’s growing at a rapid rate, there are Boxes popping up everywhere.

Which of the other guys do you most enjoy competing against? 

I think we have a really good group of athletes in Australia so coming to Regionals each year is always a test regardless of who is there. 


If you weren’t a Crossfit Athlete and coach, what would you be doing instead?

I’ve always liked the idea of being a firefighter one day.

Thanks Zeke and best of luck for everything this year mate.

If you want to find out more about Zeke Grove, check out his social media and the website of his Box below:


Live Elite Crossfit

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