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CrossFit HQ Halts Affiliate Fees for Boxes Forced to Close Down

CrossFit HQ has halted or reduced fees for affiliates wherever their governments have mandated closures, the company announced on Friday.

“We cannot ask our affiliates to pay fees when they are prohibited from keeping their doors open, regardless of the steps they are taking to continue to serve their local communities,” CrossFit wrote on a post on their website.

CrossFit Boxes and gyms around the world have been forced to close down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, some of them indefinitely.


This is the first move to help affiliates in need. In addition, CrossFit HQ will be hosting a worldwide online “Open” competition with all registration proceeds going to affiliates in need.

“CrossFit affiliates have always led the charge to help others: sponsoring fundraisers, adopting local charities, and hosting workouts to support their own members in times of need,” CrossFit wrote.

“While many of us are forced to temporarily distance ourselves from one another, CrossFit trainers and affiliates have gone to extraordinary lengths to serve and support their members despite these challenging circumstances. They are truly the lifeblood of the CrossFit community,” the post continues.

“It’s our turn to give back to them.”

More information about the global competition will be released in the coming days.

“This is an opportunity for all of us to come together and respond to the present uncertainty by lifting each other up and unifying our global community for the benefit of affiliates everywhere,” CrossFit concluded.

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