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CrossFit Box Owners: WODProof Makes Coach Package Free

WODProof announced they will make their Coach Package free for all Box owners worldwide.

Thousands of Boxes have been forced to close down around the world, part of measures attempting to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Depending on location, Boxes might be closed for a couple of weeks, a month or an indefinite period of time.

WODProof, a qualification video and community-driven application, allows users to record their training and share it with the community.

Affiliate owners find themselves in an unprecedented situation and are trying their best to keep their businesses afloat and keep people happy in these hard times. Shut doors mean no classes, no community and no service. In consequence, this might mean frozen memberships, a loss of members and an erratic community.

In response to the situation, WODProof has stepped up to support affiliate owners worldwide and made their Coach Package free. Worldwide, all gym owners can now create a virtual gym on WODProof, enabling them to keep their community strongly connected online.


Every gym owner can now get 60 days free on a Coach Package subscription, which allows them to create a private, unlimited size virtual team for the members, as well as enabling the creating and sharing of home workouts.

Athletes can share their scores and videos with the community and track their scores on the leaderboard. It’s also possible to like and comment on other athlete’s performances and to communicate through the group chat.

The Coach Package puts everything an affiliate owner can do during these days to continue to provide for their community while their facilities are closed, in one place.

Find out more here. WODProof hopes it can help you out.

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