CrossFit Open 2018 – Brent Fikowski’s Taunts His Opponents in Hilarious Style

“Each week on our first attempt at the workout whoever has the worst score will have #OpenHumiliation – A punishment will be decided for the loser the Monday before the announcement. Stay tuned, tag some #frenemies and join in on the debauchery. Oh and follow these dudes so you keep up with the good times.”

Check out Fikowski’s early taunts to his opponents

Travis Williams: former fat kid, turned his life around with fitness, made the games, quit individual because he’s tired of getting beat.

Jason Carroll: Survivor of the OC Throwdown hurdle event, & I promised him he could sit at the cool kid table if he made the Games… so here we are.

Mitch Barnard: Probably could have have made the Games if he wasn’t so good at blowing up. Now he’s a lawyer billing more hours in a week then you pretend to work in a month. He wanted to see if he’s still got it, we’re about to find out.

Joe Scali: Janitor at his wife’s gym. 6.5 who thinks he’s a 10. Former games athlete, emphasis on former. Shoulders of glass. Heart of a snake. Abs of a starving addict.

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