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7 Important Exercises to Build Stronger and More Muscular Shoulders

Whether you are a CrossFit Athlete, Powerlifter, Gymnast or Bodybuilder, strong shoulders are a great asset to your overall strength and physique.


Again the rear delts? What about my front?  Don´t worry, your frontal shoulders are covered at your chest day. But aren´t my rear delts involved in my Back training? Indeed, if you do the correct exercises with the correct technique. And to elude that “if”, we have another rear delt exercise here.

  • Sit on the machine pad seat, facing the pad. Arrange the seat height so that the handles are level with your shoulders.
  • Grasp the handles.
  • Pull back, keeping your elbows level with your hands. Bring your shoulder blades together.
  • Hold for 1-2 seconds, then release slowly back to the starting position.

By holding your hands higher than the elbows you can isolate your shoulders more from the back.

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