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Home Pull Workout with Bands and Suspension Ropes

Build upper body strength at home.

Looking for a great home pull workout with minimum equipment? Check this out then!

As a beginner, you want to do full-body workouts as they will give you the best muscle growth in the fastest amount of time.

However, that tactic only lasts a few months as your body begins adapting to the exercises and soon you find out that you need to spice up your training sessions. There are a number of ways to train as an intermediate and even advanced athlete, and one of the most common ways is the push/pull/leg routine.

Each time you train, you will be focusing on either pushing, pulling exercises, or lower body and core movements.

This home pull workout was created by Abel Albonetti, a fitness coach who shared the precise movements for Bodybuilding.com, a website focused on all things gym-related and a YouTube channel with over 5.5 million subscribers.

For this home pull workout, Albonetti uses resistance bands and suspension ropes to get the best stimulus for his muscles.

Resistance-BandsSource: Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Home Pull Workout with Bands and Suspension Ropes

Abel Albonetti’s home pull workout consists of 9 exercises:

Band Row415
Suspended Pull-Ups415
Suspended Row412
Band Pullover412
Band Good Morning412
Band Rear Delt Fly415
Band Curl412-15
Seated Band Concentration Curl412-15
Band Hammer Curl412-15

As with most pull workouts, this will focus on your back, biceps and forearms.

To see how to perform the home pull workout in its entirety, click on Albonetti’s video below.

VIDEO – Home Pull Workout with Bands and Suspension Ropes

Timestamps of the video:

00:00 – Intro

01:00 – Resistance Band Row

02:28 – Suspended Pull-Up

04:18 – Suspended Row

04:57 – Resistance Band Pullover

06:13 – Resistance Band Good Morning

07:08 – Resistance Band Rear Delt Fly

07:55 – Resistance Band Curl

08:43 – Seated Resistance Band Concentration Curl

09:38 – Resistance Band Hammer Curl

10:11 – Final thoughts

Why Train with Resistance Bands and Suspension Ropes

Resistance bands are sadly not used as often as they should. Here are some reasons why you should add resistance band training to your sessions.

Tension All Along

Resistance bands are famous for keeping the tension for the movement in its entirety by always pushing against the movement you are doing.

When doing dumbbell curls, for example, the tension is minimal at the top of the movement when you finish the curl. That doesn’t happen when you do it with a resistance band.

More Tension The Further You Go

In fact, not only it keeps your muscles in a tense state, but it also creates more tension the further you stretch them. In the same banded bicep curl example as above, the higher you curl your arm, the more difficult it is to lift it.

That means you are actually creating more resistance the more you curl as the resistance band aims to return to its original state.

Mind-Muscle Connection

Resistance bands are also great to increase the mind-muscle connection, which is imperative if you are looking to get stronger and become bigger in the process.


Perhaps the best thing about resistance bands and suspension ropes is their versatility. You can train any muscle with them.

home pull workoutSource: Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Travel Light

Another great thing about suspension ropes and resistance bands is the fact that you can easily pack them when travelling to another place.

This will ensure you don’t have an excuse to not work out while on vacation. You can bring them in your hand luggage!

Combine with Free Weight

Resistance bands can also be combined with free weights for added resistance. You can add resistance bands with bench presses, deadlifts or other big compound movements to add that constant tension to your big lifts.

Now you know about resistance bands and rope suspension training benefits. After looking at the theory and knowing the practice with Albonetti’s home pull workout video, do you want more?

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