How to Add Muscle Mass to your Shoulders Quickly

Boost your muscle gains with these helpful tips.

Learn how to add muscle mass to your shoulders with these helpful training tips.

In this excellent video, Jeff from Athlean-X explains “how to build big shoulders by doing the opposite of what you likely have been doing up to now.

It is going to require that you use slightly heavier weights and focus more on the quality of the contractions of the shoulder muscles on every rep rather than only pressing heavy weights and overdeveloping patterns that are already holding back your gains.”

How to Add Muscle Mass to your Shoulders Quickly

Jeff demonstrates that many people have an “over reliance on just heavy and light dumbbells for shoulders and not training the rear delt enough.”

There are many drawbacks to under-training the delts. On the other hand, training them properly can have a significant payout.

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“When you learn how to train the rear delts effectively you will likely fall in love with working them. Many people skip them all together in their shoulder workouts for mass because they just can’t seem to get the exercises to work for them.”

In the video he shows you how to avoid these mistakes and behavioural habits with different exercises (have you ever tried a hip hugger?) and methods.

Video – How to Add Muscle Mass to your Shoulders Quickly

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