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How To Annihilate Your Legs with Only a Squat Rack

Nothing else needed.

Learn how to annihilate your legs with only a squat rack and a single workout.

Dr Mike Israetel, PhD in Sport Physiology and cofounder of Renaissance Periodization, goes over his “compound leg workout of doom”.

How to annihilate your legs with only a squat rack

Jump into the workout after an extended warm-up.


High Bar Squat35-10
Good Morning35-10
Heel Elevated Squat47-15
Air Squats25
  • Use a relatively heavy weight for the high bar squat.
  • Good Mornings target the hamstrings, the glutes and the lower back. Use a relatively heavy weight.
  • Heel Elevated Squats increase the quad and glute volume.
  • Go into the Air Squats as soon as you finish your third and fourth sets of Heel Elevated Squats. Make sure you go down slowly, hold the squat at the bottom for two or three seconds and then explosively come back up.

Watch the workout being performed by CrossFit athlete and Powerlifter and Bodybuilder Amanda Danko.

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