How to Do HIIT Cardio to Get to 10 Percent Body Fat

Take your heart health and conditioning to the next level.

Learn how to do HIIT Cardio to get to 10 percent body fat with these tips from Jeremy Ethier.

How to Do HIIT Cardio to Get to 10 Percent Body Fat

“In this video I’m going to show you how to do HIIT with a basic HIIT workout for fat loss, as well as show you how to construct an effective HIIT workout plan to get to 10% body fat. HIIT training is extremely effective for fat loss, and has become popular recently due to the vast number of studies supporting its superior role for fat loss. Although most people know the basics of HIIT training, they don’t know how to do HIIT properly and in a way that maximizes its effectiveness for fat loss. I will be showing you exactly how to get to 10 percent body fat using a high intensity interval training plan.”

Justin Medeiros on rowing machine How to Do HIIT Cardio to Get to 10 percent Body FatSource: Photo by Meg Ellery/CrossFit Games

“The three best forms of HIIT to do are HIIT cycling workouts, HIIT rowing machine workouts, and HIIT cardio treadmill workouts. I personally find HIIT sprints outside to be the most effective since it allows you to go all-out as opposed to HIIT treadmill workouts. So when you get the chance, try and do HIIT outside as opposed to on a treadmill.”

“I’m going to go through an example of a HIIT workout plan where you apply progressive overload. This is more of a HIIT workout for beginners, however, you can apply the concepts I explained about progressive overload and apply them to a HIIT advanced workout such as 100% all-out intensity HIIT sprints. Also keep in mind that you should have a solid cardiovascular base if you are a beginner thinking about trying HIIT.”


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Add the Pallof Press and Cable Crunch into your training.


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