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How to Eat to Get Six Pack Abs

Optimise your diet and abs.

This guide will teach you how to eat to get six pack abs.

Jeff from Athlean X has compiled all his incredible knowledge into this helpful video (below).

How to Eat to Get Six Pack Abs

“Your nutrition is critical if you want to get 6 pack abs and see them year round.  Too often, people think that doing ab exercise after ab exercise without paying attention to what they put in their mouth is going to get them abs.  That is simply not the case.  Sure, you may have a killer six pack, but I can guarantee you it will be hiding under a thick layer of stomach fat if you’re not attentive to how you eat.”

“In this video, I show you the absolute number one key to eating for abs and how to keep them year round.  The thing you must have in your meal plan above anything else is convenience.  Let’s face it, if you are the slightest bit inconvenienced by your diet you are likely to give up on it quickly.  The reason this happens is that most diet plans already make you change too much about the way you live.  They become an inconvenience that becomes harder and harder to stick to long term if they feel like a second job in order to succeed on them.”

how to build muscle How to Eat to Get Six Pack AbsSource: CrossFit Inc

“If you can keep your meal plan preparation simple and convenient, you will be amazed at just how effectively you can make a lifestyle change in the way you eat…and how easy it will be to get your abs to show all year round.”

“The two best ways to get abs is to build this convenience into the foods that you eat and prepare.  As I show you, I pick one day out of the week to prepare as much food as I can for the next week to ten days.  I will cook up a bunch of chicken breasts and then dress them up however I’d like to change the taste and keep the variety from day to day.  One day it could be spicy cajun spices, the next tomato and olive oil, or the next pesto or mango salsa.”

“I prepare a large amount of sweet potatoes and then portion them out into single tupperware containers that quickly get placed in the freezer and taken out each day as I need them.  The beauty of preparing everything at once in bulk is that I can spend the time required to do it just once, and benefit from it for the next week or more.”

“This level of convenience allows me to always stay locked in on my nutrition regardless of how busy my schedule may get on any given day.”


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