How to Get Big Biceps at Home Without Equipment

Improve your arms at home.

Learn how to get big biceps at home without equipment with these helpful tips from Jeff at Athlean X.

How to Get Big Biceps at Home Without Equipment

“Most people think that doing bodyweight workouts means that you can’t do any bodyweight biceps exercises.  This would be wrong.  In fact, in this video I show you three bicep exercises that you can do without any equipment if you want to know how to get big biceps at home!”

“With bodyweight biceps exercises or any other exercises for that matter, you want to be sure that you are providing resistance and muscle overload.  This resistance does not have to come in the form of dumbbells, barbells or even using pullup bars.  All it takes is you positioning your own body in a way that you can use it for the resistance on bodyweight biceps exercises.”

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“In the first body weight exercise, I show you how to simulate a barbell curl using your leg!  Yes, using your own leg to show you how to get big biceps!  The key here is to realize that unless you’re Gumby you likely won’t be able to lift your leg up to the level of the chest required to get a full contraction on the biceps muscle.  However, if you lean your torso forward and stabilize yourself against a wall for balance you can actually get peak biceps while modifying the strength curve to match the position.  This helps you to really work your biceps without weights or machines.”

How to Get Big Biceps at Home Without Equipment

“In the next biceps exercise without equipment, you lie on your side and position your body so you need your arms to lift you up (not your abs).  This bicep bodyweight exercise can be a definite option if you are wondering how you can get bigger biceps at home since you can do this anywhere.”

“Lastly, an exercise that you can use to get bigger biceps that is still using just your own body (and now this time a door).  This doorway curl exercise is awesome for taking the bicep through a longer range of motion and allows you to provide the resistance needed to build bigger biceps by lowering the angle of your body to the door.”


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