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How to Superset for Maximum Muscle Growth

What is a superset and how can it help you?

Marcus Filly teaches how to superset for maximum muscle growth.

Filly is the founder of popular training program Functional Bodybuilding, which mixes functional exercises with aesthetic training and focuses on longevity.

What is a superset?

A superset happens when you rotate back and forth between exercises without rest in between.

They’re a useful way to get a powerful muscle stimulus and also stay more efficient in the gym. “But there’s more to an effective superset than slapping two exercises together,” says Filly.

How to superset for maximum muscle growth

Learning how to superset in a Functional Bodybuilding style involves pairing “a bilateral exercise (Hip Thrust) with a unilateral exercise (Knee Over Toe Split Squat). This limits the amount of weight you can load up but ensures you hit full range of motion to build strong, resilient joints – while also developing your physique.”

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Superset workout example

3-4 Sets

  • Barbell Hip Thrust; 20X1 x 8-10reps (5 seconds per repetition)

Rest 45-60sec

  • ATG Split Squat; 21X0 x 8-10/leg

Rest 45-60sec and back to 1

“I like to choose rep schemes and time under tension that allow me to get a great muscle stimulus without needed a lot of weight on the bar,” says Filly.

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