Are Weighted Abs Exercises Right for You? (Six Pack Tips)

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Are weighted abs exercises right for you? It’s a good question and Jeff from Athlean X provides an intelligent and helpful answer.

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Are Weighted Abs Exercises Right for You?

“There are so many ab exercises that you can do to help you develop a deeply etched six pack stomach, but are they all truly good choices?  In this video I cover the topic of weighted ab exercises and whether or not you should be using weight for ab workouts.”

“The use of weights on exercises like crunches, rope pulldowns and ab rollouts are common, but is it right.  It comes down to your nutrition first and foremost.  If you can’t see your abs right now and admit that your diet is not close to being what it should be, then you really should not concentrate on anything but your nutrition at the moment.”

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“If you can see your abs because you have low body fat from following a good diet plan, but they just aren’t very sharp, then you may be a good candidate to include ab exercises with weight to your ab workouts.  I show you just a few of the examples of weighted ab exercises that you can do to cause hypertrophy of the rectus abdominus.”

Are Weighted Abs Exercises Right for You?

“As I discuss, getting the rectus abdominus to grow will have the effect of creating 3-D abs as they push out while the linea alba and the tendinous linea transverse help to suture in the outline of the 6 pack abs or 8 pack abs you already have.  Whether you have a six pack or an eight pack is going to be determined by how developed and wide your tendons are in your abdomen.”


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