Iceland Owned the Podium at The Dubai Fitness Championship. Ísland Best í Heimi

Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson and Annie Mist Thórisdóttir came, saw and conquered the Dubai Fitness Games, but with a lot of competition from top athletes from all around the world.

They had to finish 15 events, which required a lot of stamina as well as strength. It is a proud day for Icelanders, to see them succeed as athletes and show the world that this small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean creates healthy and valiant people.

The women’s Podium

  • First place Annie Mist Thórisdóttir
  • In second place Laura Horvath from Hungary
  • Third place Kara Webb from Australia

The Men´s Podium

  • First place Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson
  • Second place Travis Meyer from USA
  • Third place Rasmus Andersen from Denmark

“The @dbxfitnesschamp in Dubai is one of my favorite competitions.

I competed here last year, ended in seventh place and I´ve been looking forward to this one ever since. The city is awesome and the atmosphere here is amazing.

I´m still wrapping my head around the fact that I earned a first place finish today but it sure feels good to know that all the effort I put in, every single day, amounts to something real?

Congrats to my great friend @anniethorisdottir on her victory. It was thoroughly deserved? .

Thanks to all of my fellow competitors and thanks to the DBX management and staff. Thanks to my sponsors and thanks to everyone else in my life. I´m a bit at a loss for words so I guess I´ll do another post once this has sunk in a bit ?? . It is for sure that Iceland emerged victorious at this competition and I am very proud of that, I know Annie is too. Áfram Ísland?? . ”

Hjartanlega til hamingju með árangurinn Björgvin og Annie.

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