Individual Event 5 Results – CrossFit Games 2022

Event 5 was titled “The Capitol.”

Check out individual event 5 results and how it all went down in an incredible unique workout where athletes got to see a little bit more of Madison.

Event 5 – The Capitol

For time:

  • 20 Pig flips
  • 3.5-mile run
  • 200-m Jerry bag carry
  • 200-m Husafell carry

Women: 350-lb Pig, (2) 70-lb Jerry bags, 150-lb Husafell

Men: 510-lb Pig, (2) 100-lb Jerry bags, 200-lb Husafell

Athletes were divided into two heats for the completion of the event.

Individual Event 5 Results (Unofficial)


1Ricky Garard31:54.47
2Roman Khrennikov32:01.47
3Travis Mayer32:16.22
4Samuel Kwant32:47.67
5Jayson Hopper33:04.11

In the first heat, Travis Mayer set the pace from the beginning and finished more than a minute and a half ahead of 2nd place Alex Vigneault. But it was the second heat that really brought the heat (sorry for the pun).

Ricky Garard took over Khrennikov at the last minute. Lazar Dukic looked set to finish in the top 3, but could not finish in time and saw Kwant and Hopper pass him.

Individual Event 5 Results


1Gabriela Migala33:34.67
2Laura Horvath35:02.72
3Tia-Clair Toomey35:11.29
4Brooke Wells35:11.89
5Haley Adams35:51.51

The first heat finished on a nail bitter. Ellie Turner was at least 2 minutes ahead of Seher Kaya during the 3.5 mile run, but when it came to carrying the bags, Kaya took fewer breaks and took over Turner at the last staircase.

However, the top 5 women overall were in the second heat. Haley Adams controlled the running for the entire time and was in front of the last staircase with time to spare. However, her strength was depleted and she saw Migala, Horvath, Toomey and Wells take over her for the final crazy seconds on the individual event 5 results.

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